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The mobile Milkshake bar for every event

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The Milkshake bar

Milkshakes are extremely popular again! These ice cold creamy drinks cannot be missed at an event. We offer various mobile milkshake concepts with fresh shakes that are prepared live by our “milkshakers”! A classic taste, or very special, we have them all!

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Heerlijke Cascara milkshake met slagroom en toppings

A branded Cascara Milkshake desk

When it’s important to you that your corporate identity is clearly visible, we offer various branding options. We can provide the license plate with a catchy text, we can print a banner in full color, but also the smoothie cups and apron can be provided with your company logo. Ideal for more visibility.

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Kennismaken met de
leukste ‘milkshaker’

Wij vinden het een leuke uitdaging om voor elk event een passende ‘milkshaker’ uit ons team te zoeken. Van tevoren stellen we je graag voor aan de shaker die voor jouw event de milkshakes verzorgt.

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What does the Milkshake bar need?


200 Milkshakes per hour with 2 shakers.


150cm W x 245cm L. Work space 200cm x 350cm.


Our Smoothie Mini-bars require a seperate power supply of 16A/230V. In case your event takes longer than two hours, a water tap is needed for us to clean the milkshake jugs.


We work with biological and healthy ingredients and our disposables are biodegradable.

Eye catcher

Our classical oldtimer Mini is a cute appearance at your event.

Fits anywhere

For every event we offer a matching Milkshake bar!

Cascara concepten zijn

Het inzetten van een mobiele Milkshake bar is natuurlijk heel leuk, alleen heeft dit wel impact op het milieu. Hier zijn wij ons bewust van en om deze reden continu bezig met het verkleinen van deze impact. Zo werken wij met biologisch afbreekbare bekers en rietjes, gebruiken wij veel biologische ingrediënten en proberen wij plastic zoveel mogelijk te vermijden.

Bedrijfsevent Winkelcentrum

What customers say about working with us


Sanne Wierda

We deployed the Vitamini at our call centers for agent week. Delicious, fresh smoothies from sometimes unknown fruits.
Very tasty and nicely presented. The aprons, car and cups were even burnt State Lottery. Highly recommended!


Marco van Vliet #2

With the barista at the fair, we were able to pamper our guests with delicious coffee variations at the National Education Exhibition in Utrecht. Well cared for, tailored and completed by a great and professional team. A real success!

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Jakovina van Haeringen

I am glad we chose Cascara. Good information from the start and afterwards excellent and fast service and delivery. Extremely reliable. The shaker was also fun to work with.
The smoothies went over the counter like hot sandwiches. In other words they were a success. It tasted excellent.

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Fleur Huisman

We have already had the mobile espresso bar twice and are very satisfied! The Mini ensures that drinking a cup of coffee becomes a special experience. A cool eye-catcher for many different types of events! We hope to be able to work together with the professional barista team. So highly recommended.

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Wendy Hertgers

The smoothies were easily found by all fair visitors in no time. We are even so enthusiastic about your concept (s) that we want to book the smoothies again as an attention grabber for next year.

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