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Pop-up specialty coffee shop in the center of Amersfoort

In May we started a temorary pop-up specialty coffee shop right in the center of Amersfoort. At the hairdresser ‘Haren Majesteit’ you can now not only get a haircut, but you can also get a delicious cup of coffee, smoothie or home baked brownie to go. If our coffee is to your liking, you can also order our coffee beans to use at your own home.

We used our mobile espressobar with a front made of tiles, this instantly created a modern specialty coffee shop vibe. If you are near the lieve Vrouwestraat 27, be sure to stop by!

Would you also like to have a coffeebar at your location? We love to help!

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What customers say about working with us

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Wendy Hertgers

The smoothies were easily found by all fair visitors in no time. We are even so enthusiastic about your concept (s) that we want to book the smoothies again as an attention grabber for next year.


Sanne Wierda

We deployed the Vitamini at our call centers for agent week. Delicious, fresh smoothies from sometimes unknown fruits.
Very tasty and nicely presented. The aprons, car and cups were even burnt State Lottery. Highly recommended!

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Jakovina van Haeringen

I am glad we chose Cascara. Good information from the start and afterwards excellent and fast service and delivery. Extremely reliable. The shaker was also fun to work with.
The smoothies went over the counter like hot sandwiches. In other words they were a success. It tasted excellent.


Marco van Vliet #2

With the barista at the fair, we were able to pamper our guests with delicious coffee variations at the National Education Exhibition in Utrecht. Well cared for, tailored and completed by a great and professional team. A real success!

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Marjon van Dijen

Great service and a nice barista! Certainly contributed to the result of the fair. The coffee was delicious and the workshop was a success!

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